Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Dyeing.

For the Adored One. Because after all nothing says love like hand knit socks.

The Hues are not quite what I planned. They came out a little Middle Earth-y for me, but he will like them.

They're just blue enough for jeans, and not just plain solid colours, but plain enough for him. The Chestnut brown is really quite lovely.

And with the left over yardage I think I'll put toes and heels into a pair of solid colour socks for me.

Every so often...

those wacky quizzes are on target. Snapdragons are my favourite flowers.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Friday, November 24, 2006

A little Snuggle to ward off chills.

I do actually finish things. It's a snuggly little top down capelet. I used esperanza in an unnamed colourway. It took one skein with about 2.5 inches of yarn left. It worked up quickly utilizing 2.5 hours at the new Bond movie, some odd moments during 4 lunches, and one relaxed evening. Admittedly there were points in the movie when I was not knitting, being engaged in eating, drinking, cringeing, and emphatically "Not Looking".

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Stitches East Black Bunny Harvest

Look at my delicious fingerless gloves. In Carol's Harvest wool and nylon yarn and the Natalya pattern. It was a simple easy pattern although there are no instructions for the pinky finger. They are snuggly and still let me knit.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I love myself but....

Life is good. We're doing okay and have even been known to P--S money away on "like to haves, not need to haves".

However, not being fashionably inclined nor subject to whims of design I tend to knit items that will still be in style when I get around to finishing the project. I admit it...I don't let fashion magazines make me feel inferior because I don't follow the trends, I ask myself "where would I wear this?" in stores, I don't wear something that looks bad on me (intentionally) because it's the rage (forget Flashdance - it was the eighties), I actually don't have a blowdryer. So when I saw this darling pattern Pimlico Shrug, I thought, yeah, I'd wear that. I'd even wear it years from now. So I turned to the requirements.

If there are delicate ears nearby you may wish to shoo them away. It takes 14 - not a typo - 14, ten plus four, one less than fifteen - fourteen skeins of Koigu. Yeah, Ri-i-ght. So that shrug that I would sling over furniture, toss over sweats, catch on door handles, cram into the carry on would be $168.00 (let's see, hourly wage minus taxes, divided into 168 equals how many hours of my life in trade before I even cast on a stitch?).

I wouldn't spend that on sweater in Barneys. I couldn't enjoy a sweater that cost that much. Can't you see it..."Hey Elysbeth, nice sweater." "Yeah, sure, look could you and your wineglass back away carefully?"

It's not the yarn...I love Koigu. I mean it's practically a mantra, Koigu, om shanti shanti, Koigu.
It's a great wearable pattern. Go check it out. Very cute right?
Yes yarn substitutes are available, but if you're going to pay for 1456 metres of sleekly spun merino that will wear nicely you are going to pay close to Koigu prices. (oh, the agony of the complicated sweater that pilled and fuzzed in cheap yarn)

The Adored One summed it up nicely..."Honey, I think this might be about you, not the yarn."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ze Black Hole of Knitting

I swear by all that is holy I am knitting diligently, if not monogamously, on the Black bunny Feather and Fan. I am up to row 80, so could some kind soul please explain why it's not getting bigger? Or send a bottle of Chambord.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

So, now that the package has been received I can post the photo....
Anniversary socks for the Adored One! Now, I plan to log off before I have to explain why so little else has been finished.

Some local colour

Tucked away in the center of New York State.

If you zoom in at the bottom of the falls you can see the itty bitty people.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Stitches part Deux

The rest of my Stitches Score...not including some excellent British Pub Food, some groceries at Whole Foods, a terrific back massager, and a smack-tabulous pint that I sipped not guzzled.

The bumper sticker is from Pearls KnitWits.

I don't know why the pattern photos are sideways. Oh well, it happens.
I figured patterns were easier to Stash than yarn. Cheaper too. Okay, except maybe the one from Windy Valley. It was 'spensive. But they had the sample there, and well, you know the power and lure of samples.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Stitches East 2006

For you Stephanie Plum fans...look its the perfect food...TastyCakes

I picked up this B-E-A-utiful Satin Rose Shawl Pin, since Shawls feed the girly girly in me, but still allow me to be warm and practical. And lord knows, the girly part needs all the help it can get.

Then because of Lime n Violet (how about that last podcast?) I was nearly stampeded at the Lisa Souza booth. Still, after intense navigation while hopping on one foot; and the use of a couple of stragetically placed elbows I picked up some Petal in GingerPeach. I think it'll become a Shawl, that can go with my shawl pin.

For those watching the Black Bunny Hop I scored some Harvest that will become Mitts.

There will be more to follow.....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

On a lighter note: I am apparently Mohair

Okay, just for fun; what kind of yarn are you?

You are Mohair.You are a warm and fuzzy type who works well with others, doing your share without being too weighty. You can be stubborn and absolutely refuse to change your position once it is set, but that's okay since you are good at covering up your mistakes.
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