Sunday, October 25, 2009

Calling on the Good in the Universe

Next Monday I sit for a very important State Board.

Well, the Universe will not collapse into a black hole sucking all life in with it if I fail.

However, it's been a heck of a journey to this moment in time. It has involved literally Years of testing and effort. It has involved thousands of dollars. It has involved dealing with bureaucracy until you want to rip out your own ear drums. All for something that Should Have Been Simple. Now, due to the lottery system of the testing date, it's down to the last wire and deuced inconvenient. People I have relied on have betrayed/abandoned me along the way, yet others have stepped forward to take their place. But I'm leery. Certain things MUST happen - other people are involved, they MUST do their part or I'm scr-wed. Not a happy feeling.

Add to this brew the fact that while I am an excellent test taker, I am an abysmal test waiter, filled with forebodings and nightmares of failure - spectacular, public failure. (Poor TAO.) Additionally, I have call 9 days in a row before the test, and have to drive 1600 miles to get back to the house the day before I have to be 3 hours from home on a cold WI morning for the first part of the test at 730am (with said person in tow). insert hysterical sobbing here

So, while there are others who have illness, plague, poverty, misfortune, unemployment, etc. I am asking for y'alls novenas, candles, incense, tossed coin, or other charm of choice for me next Monday. (and perhaps a little thought that I don't have a stroke this week, trying to juggle everything)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Boxing the Compass

A finished object! These are Wendy D. Johnson's Peace Socks worked in a worsted weight yarn but at a sock gauge. They were part of the Socks from the Toe Up KAL, and included some pattern modifications purely as a matter of taste. Highly recommend as a fast, easy knit if you are determined to make socks as a last minute gift.

This little jewel is the southern point of my compass. Alisha's Plush sock in colorway Rainier. Handdyed here in Southern Texas. As I travel around for work I pick up souvenir yarn. As far north as Alaska, west to Oregon coast, east to DC or Baltimore, previously south was held by Northern Florida, but has been surplanted by Southern Texas. I do think it's ironic that my southern souvenir is named after a Mountain I grew up near. And the plush in Plush Sock? A little bit of cashmere. Mmmn.

Before going to see the Alamo (priorities!) I went to the Yarn Barn of San Antonio, a combination knit/crochet/needlepoint store. The selection was nice including a wide variety of indie dyers and good pricepoint coverage. But the clerks were what really made this store shine! Genuine greeting, help, and conversation. Very pleasant. They even took a picture of the FLS so I could show y'all a better image... check out the wall of yarn I'm standing in front of.

Friday, October 02, 2009

My kingdom for a photographer!

Well, I finally finished something - my February Lady Sweater!
(so not linking to that pattern, because y'all are serious knitters and know to what I refer) 6993 projects on Ravelry with 3846 posted as finished.

I wish I had a human to photograph me in it though, the only pictures I could take'll see : )

I used 14 balls of Valley Yarns Sugarloaf, an easy to care for yarn, which is good because I forsee a lot of wear in this sweaters future. The yarn is splitty which led to some "rackum frackum s" when attempting to manipulate for lace. But it's nice smooshiness makes up for it. Basically no modifications except for fit/sizing. I started with the smallest neck for more clavicle coverage, increased to the medium to the sleeve split, then decreased out the seven underarm stitches within 8 rows to keep the body from A-lining & adding visual width.

I'm currently in 90+ weather with 75+ humidity, so this yummy Lady will have to wait for a change in location. Perhaps I'll crank the AC for just tonight though, so I can bask in her snuggliness.