Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marched to the Finish

It's finally done - 1200 yards of Malabrigo Worsted, 5 wooden buttons from Blue Moon, excellent instructions from Custom Knits for top down set in sleeves, and I present the Lettuce Coat....

I did very few changes to the pattern; omitting the buttons on the sleeves, adding a "SuperHero Boob Mask" and some short rows in the back because the coat is designed for androgynous women without curves. It doesn't flatter my hiney in the least but it's so snuggly and warm that I don't care! And it snowed yesterday so I can still wear it! Yay! For the amount of work involved I would recommend using a yarn that will wear better than Malabrigo, perhaps DIC Classy?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bang Bang....

Drive by blog post.

Someone pointed out that I haven't posted to the blog lately. Eyup, that would be true.
Primarily because I try to keep this a knitting blog (try) and life has been full of tedious, tiresome non-knitting things. What knitting I have done seems to have consisted primarily of reknitting the same 150 yds 4 times. Namely yards 750 to 900 of the 1100 total in the project. So there will be finished project before the temps break the 50s, but it's gonna be close.

One non tiresome thing I did accomplish was watching Planet Earth disc one. This is amazing. File under "Must See". When you watch it, in the first episode "From Pole to Pole" at the 22 minute mark there is a segment about the Birds of Paradise and their mating dances. I laughed so hard, it just really cheers you up. I even found myself thinking of this bird, polishing a branch, at work and smiling.

Knitting wise, I got a new toy. Excuse me, I actually got a new phone because TAO...well, let's not delve too deeply. But I got the Touch Pro, and while I can't make it do all the sundry things it's supposed to do (yet), I did learn how to store a PDF knitting pattern on it for easy reference, and the photo shows my Cloche pattern in use. I have also mastered the keeping of my Ravelry Stash Excel on it, and listening to audiobooks through it. All of which is knitting related, of course.

Hope all of you are healthy and well. I'm off to do more non knitting things.

Monday, March 02, 2009

First on the March

Starting March off right.

This is the Jenny Cloche again. It has a permanent spot in my queue of "Favourite Patterns". However, I skipped the bow this time, and instead opted for Nicky Epstein's felted Angel Rose. Other changes included using Berkshire in a single strand (red purple colourway), as the alpaca warms this hat right up. I probably should have used Berkshire Bulky, but ordered the wrong thing. No matter, the hat fits perfectly.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

March to the Finish

Over on the Stash and Burn boards of Ravelry we're doing March to the Finish. Picking up those projects that fell to wayside during the holiday frenzy to finish gifts, perform bookkeeping, and tax time. One thing that will not be "marching" anywhere, (except a corner) are these socks.

This yarn has been cast on 6 different times, 5 as socks, once as a scarf. It's been queued as being owned by multiple people, but only one person as yet has finished anything, which were indeed swirly socks. So I have cast it aside in favour of well behaved projects, hoping that I will come across whatever will unlock it's inner colour vision. Perhaps the "Chevron Scarf"?