Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Little Lightheartedness.

Because it's a tough world out there and we should all hold hands crossing the street...

Check out Knitta, Please
(adult language) and the dreaded (gauge) word
Written by Mike Bryant, performed by Mike Bryant
A gangsta rap song about the most hardcore craft at the craft fair. See for more.

This fun little gem was introduced to me by the CastOn podcast episode 28 and as I sat in 100 Farenheit degree heat on my city bus that had broken down, I was the only person not whining. Maybe I'm the crazy one.

Ball Band Colours

S = sugar n Cream
P = Peaches n Cream

Peppercorn Ombre (P) (Ooodles of it), White (P), Gumdrop (P), Rosewood (S), Softly Taupe (S), Sage Landscape (S), Ivory (S), Ecru (P), Winterberry (P), Cream (S), Fiesta Ombre (P), Potpourri (P), Lemon-Lime (P), Westport (S), Wine (S), Hot Blue (S), Country Sage (S), Cherry Swirl (S), Soft Teal (S), Butter Cream ombre (S), Country Brown ombre (S), Cornflower Blue (S), Jute (S), Beach Ball Blues (S), Key Lime Pie (S), Over the Rainbow (S), Coral Swirl (S), Creamsicle (S),Warm Brown (S), Soft Ecru (S) Painted Desert (S), Midnight Magic (a dark one, and a lighter one) (S)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Foul Play

Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn - the time is 1978, the place SanFrancisco.
What does this have to do with Knitting? One of those great Movie Lines...

Goldie Hawn plays a librarian (stop chuckling)who becomes involved in a deadly conspiracy. (Okay chuckle). The scene leading to great knitting is thus:

Dark evening, Goldie Hawn comes back to her apartment - you know the same apartment every movie in SanFran is filmed in - and as she comes into the living room...She is Attacked! Much thrashing and wrestling ensues, with the Attacker finally being pierced fatally with a pair of alumininum knitting needles.

Goldie runs to the kitchen (for the whippersnappers out there...phones used to be mounted on the wall in the kitchen-for convenience) calls the police station (pre 911) and gasps "I just killed a man with the needles!" The bored cop replies "Narcotics?" and she says "No, Knitting!"

So, despite a truely poopy week, at least I was not attacked in my living room its a good thing too because I only packed circulars on this trip.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The complexities of modern living:

I was reading recently 1973... the average American had a list of 72 things they Wanted and on it 18 were neccessary.

Now, today...average American has a list of over 500 things they Wanted and consider 112 of them to be neccessary.

So in the spirit of early morning caffeine deprivation I was pondering my lists. They started simply enough. Remember the list is Stuff - not love, peace, caffeine (oh, is caffeine a thing?). I was actually doing swell until I hit....

YARN! simple four letter word. Yarn, easy enough right? No, there's bulky yarn for fast knits, baby yarn for gifts, soft alpaca yarn for that smouldering off the shoulder sweater, cotton yarn for warshclothes, wool yarn for The Man, sock yarn, shawl yarn....Beginning to see the dilemma? And I'm not even considering COLOURS. Rich vibrant, bright cheerful, deep autumnal, eeek! I am apparently a greedy person because I can't decide which I should live without. Yikes!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Urban Warshcloth sighting

For Knit in Public Day I decided to stray into odd new territory...A Champagne Bar!

Here is the warshcloth deciding what to order...
and later drinking...

and home to an early night with Miss Marple.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not all Peach N Cream is Warshclothes

Took a break from the Warshrag addiction. Only because I went to the movies Saturday (X-Men 3, good special FX, little plot, little acting, IMO. Great Halle Berry hair though)and didn't think I could find those slip stitches in the dark.
What to make...what to make... AhHaa! It's summer here in Nebraska and my Nalgene bottle sweats everywhere. Look I have oodles of absorbent cotton yarn, and voila! The water bottle cozy. The cotton is absorbent without getting goopy, it stops people at work from drinking out of the wrong container, and you can hardly see the mistakes because of the colour. (look, it was the movies, it was dark)

Stay healthy and well.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Is there A Ballband Anonymous Group Starting?

DONE! My 1st Ballband and oh the horror of it all, I think I am addicted. Funny thing that, I had no desire to make one when I saw Kay and Ann at String of Purls, but upon joining the KAL and seeing so many others I crumbled to the peer pressure. Each set of two balls is just enough to make the obverse versions of each other.

Just a little fun Something that I found. Just a small visual nudge that we are all more than just cells and surfaces.

Somedays I need more reminding than others.