Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't judge a book...

By a quick perusal. Admittedly when I first picked up this book at Alfred Knitting Studio The Best of Vogue Knitting Magazine I was wrapping up a cr-ppy week and heading into another week that also promised to be cr-ptastic. So it didn't speak to me. No patterns, no pretty eyecandy projects, weird coloured print and tiny font. However, when I went to the Library to pick up my last load of books before moving, there the book was in all it's pink glory. It is quite good. I don't know that I would buy it as a reference for techniques, given that most of the techniques I would refer to are found in smaller easier to carry volumes. Yet, it's a lovely read between packing.

Sadly the week lived up to it's promise but the tide is turning. I got a great haircut ala Rebecca DeMornay in her recent More magazine interview. Several compliments received on it. Which is unusual in that I don't travel with blowdryer or curling iron, I need that room for yarn. As result my hair usually is exceedingly unflattering. I called The Adored One and told him he owed me sock yarn since he was part of the stress. He said okay and I jumped on the Sneak Up for Loopy Ewe. It will have to wait until I have a new address though.

If the last paragraph made you think: Need that room for yarn? Let me make you smile.

Packing involves: Uniforms for work, a few civilian clothes for weekends, shoes, PJs, small clothes, change of season clothes - because what is supposed to be 13 weeks sometimes stretches to 6 or 8 months- bedding, pillow, reading pillow, floor lamp, clock, bed, mattress topper, limited accessories, go in your bathroom - pack everything but the blowdryer-, parttime licensed manicurist supplies, stereo, Ipod player,camera, iron, ironing board, table, chair, yoga mat, vcr, exercise videos, walkman, Laptop, trackball, software, 2 storage drives, air filter, humidifier, workout ball, weights, minitrampoline, stepstool, yarn, roving, dyeing, knitting needles,Kromski spinning wheel, books, magazines, potential knitting patterns, papers for work, reference books for work, electric tea kettle, GF grill, pans, plates, flatware (because hotels don't have, or furnished really isn't), cooking utensils, measuring cup, food, tea, supplements, water filter, calendar, beautiful coasters from TAO, place mat, favourite coffee mug, heating pad, Squirrel, money frog, rubbermaid containers, vinyl backed table cloths to block out the border patrol lights that always shine in the window, and sense of humour. Schlep it all down the stairs from a third floor walk up, place in car and toodle down the road. I wanted to get a jump on the loading of the car but the weather has been erratic and since everything only fits one way and I can't put stuff in a car that goes from 110f to 50f daily and expect it to be in good shape in a week I am in the dreaded holding pattern.

Why so much stuff? Think about all the stuff you use daily without realising it. Think of the stuff you use only weekly or monthly but have to have. I used to travel with alot less and then spend 3 months either having to run to the store alot or not having the comfortable feeling when I came back from work. If I schlep stuff around it's MY stuff and I settle down into a routine instead of feeling like a vistor at your Aunt's house. I have other traveling friends who live a very spartan lifestyle, but they have mostly out of house hobbies (hiking, hunting, drinking, tarting, going to the gym) and I am essentially a home person. I am on stage all day and when I get off work I Want To Be Alone. I don't even "turn the Tv on for company". I don't want Company. I also find as I age I am more particular. I want MAC X mascara, my favourite coffee, and certain kosher foods. I've started packing more "homey" touches. Little gifts from The Adored One that make me smile. And then there is the matter of Stash. I am fickle. I want to be able to put down a project and fish out a new one without having to chance that my new area has no Yarn Store. I have to be much job stress will the new place have...what will I want to knit 2 months from now...what will I want to knit when this project goes horribly awry?

Of course I regret all this when it comes time to pack and carry : )

Fortunately my packing was interrupted by my Ravelry invitation arriving. Yay! Told you things were looking up.

Friday, June 22, 2007

More vacation Knitting finished.

Off the needles: the Cropped Bolero Vest by Veronik Avery. I made a few modifications. Starting with the wearing: I plan NOT to wear it with 80s eyeliner and Porn Queen pigtails. I was thinking more along the lines of jeans and a jersey shirt. Being not very tall and short waisted as well, I made it longer as a more functional vest. Also I added the Super Hero Boob Mask to the fronts to allow it to drape over the curves without hiking up unattractively.

The Yarn met Knit from Your Stash 2007 guidelines in that I had three balls of "Shannon" by Tahki in my stash. I actually got the fronts and back done from the three balls -92 yds each - and realised that I wouldn't have enough for the neck and side ribbings. I knit the ribbings from the Main yarn and alternated with a close but not quite yarn. Yeah. Then I went for the last time into Alfred Knitting Studio (sadly website-less) in Alfred Station NY (lovely store, gracious people, fun ideas) and found the yarn; sitting....waiting. So I invoked rule 2C and brought home a last ball. Ripped out the ribbing et voici!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fiber happens.

There has been fiber related activity going on here. There has been swatching and frogging and, sadly's time to waddle on down the road.

In fact, I had packed up the spinning wheel but after a really bad day decided to pull it back out and sooth the troubled soul. This is a lovely merino from Winderwood Farms (hi Bob!) and someday will be a light worsted weight that shall be the Fern and Flower Shawl.

Some of the lovely fiber was sacrificed to stress, I gripped it so tightly that the weight was 32 wpi instead of 28 wpi. Yikes! Otherwise the only other fiber related fun has been window Internet shopping. Anyone want to come help me pack?

The recipient of the little cardigan has decided to try food dye and microwave dyeing. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some Days...

The quote fits:

"I've always been interested in people, but I've never liked them."

Henry James

Sunday, June 03, 2007

One vacation project off the needles.

While on vacation I did, of course, knit. And here is the evidence:
Just a simple baby cardigan from a knitting magazine - don't ask which one, I left it in Wisconsin. Done up in Knitpicks Worsted Bare. Just in case the parents are those kind that come over all queer about colours by gender. I figured if they didn't like classic cream I could dye it the appropriate hue when the gender was determined. Looking at the photo I see it looks a little wonky but that's because it was blocked before construction and I was too impatient to block it again. I'll get to that before gifting.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Colours, striping, Seeking your opinions

I figured I would take the time to spin and ply a couple of different ways and see what I got. Isn't unrestrained control issues that part of why we learn to spin?

So here are the swatches: A controlled spin of the roving with each colour change fully exhausted before the next colour and then navajo plied

A spin of the roving split into 4 sections, spun out and then plied from opposing ends of the colours using Andean plying.

Again the roving split into 4 sections, divided into 2 balanced balls and plied from the same starting end.

The yellow....well....hmmn.