Friday, September 18, 2009

May you be inscribed.

For You are He Who remembers forever all forgotten things -- Rosh Hashanah Musaf Amidah.

Another year has alternately whisked/dragged by.

In an odd twist, I am home and TAO is not. Which I can tell you, feels very odd. When I think of this house, I picture TAO in it somewhere. And the dogs are confused, they're used to not knowing when I'm coming through the door, but Dad comes home by dark - hence their confusion.

Too often this year I have forgotten that "Life is Good", I've been so busy keeping our head above the water that I've lost sight of being grateful I can paddle. There were some episodes in which I was, frankly, betrayed. And that made me unwilling to perform the small graces which make life civilized. However, as the Amidah says today "remembers...all forgotten things". Hopefully, the small goods that I have unconsiously done will cancel the sins that I can not name.

May your own next year be filled with grace, strength, and sweetness.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Project that almost didn't live

Behold the Alpha tank. So named because of the yarn, Online Alpha. There are alot of reasons this item almost never came about. I bought the yarn while doped up from surgery - this is obvious - how can you tell? It's Pink. Seriously, pink. Frick.

Overlooking the pinkness (something that I have none of in my wardrobe because I loathe it), it is a lovely set of hues - in a cotton. Had I learned to knit on cotton I would now be a devout matchstick constructor, rug hooker, tiddlywink champ, anything but a knitter. I remembered why I don't own much cotton yarn shortly after I cast on with it in July. It splits, which since it's a ten ply, means it splits alot; doesn't matter how dull the needle/how sharp the needle/what size the crochet hook.

Also on the negative side (for the yarn) it's expensive, but poorly dyed. It is apparently spray dyed, because the center of the yarn is white, making it easy to find every split stitch. Fortunately it was on sale. Perhaps that helps explain why pink yarn seemed like a good idea

Then there was the pattern. I started with Wendy Bernards angelic chorus essential tank, but the pinks pooled. Dear Readers of this blog know how I feel about pooling. Pools are for aerobics, not for on my body. So I converted it to in the pooling. Finished the entire project -even wove in ends.

Tried it on - the pattern is written for the willowy and flat chested. On a more Reubenesqe woman - practically soft core porn - at the very least "mutton dressed as lamb". No problem, I still have yarn. I'll just add some sleeves, and bring up the neckline.

Great, now it's slutty meets dirndl. Rip Rip Rip. Frick Frick Frick. TAO is in the recliner, carefully not looking or commenting.

Back to the books...Yarn Girls to the rescue. Beyond the Basics - Tank You Very Much; demure, still a summer top, right gauge. Small modifications including garter stitch at the bottom, waistline shaping, and superhero boob mask.

Now I need to log off and go wear this before it snows.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This little piggie.

That would be me. I am packing to hit the road again, and trying to be mature about packing the knitting. All I can say is "oink oink". Never mind a realistic look at how many hours a week I work, have call, workout, study for the boards, need to sleep, etc etc. I want to take alllllll my books and alllllll my stash; because well, what if I pack only these things and then get bored with them? Or they don't work out? Or I finish everything? Or, Or,

Pardon me while I return to snorfling my yarn.