Sunday, June 27, 2010

For TAO art my Beloved - Beta 1.4

You know that first giddy part of being in love? When everything they do is wonderful, exciting,funny, etc etc? Well, after this many years I know Really Know TAOs feet. (weird). The quest for a great fitting sock has been more odd than all those foot rubs and pedicures ever were. And I may have finally tweaked the base pattern to "Just Right".

I started with Wendy D. Johnson's Gusset Heel sock. I knit the toe and foot of each sock identically, but used different stitch math for the gusset/heel. Knitting a tiny coloured rubberband into each sock to tell the difference between them & taking copious notes. Sent them home with directions- directions for wear, fitting questions, shoes, etc. Found out which sock was the preferred fit, confiscated the pair and ripped the bluebanded one back to the midpoint, reknitting to the whitebanded one's specs.

If these are IT, I will finally have a reliable base pattern for TAO. Shame it's got to be on Zeros.

And again, pardon the weirdly hued photo. The laptop was repaired (I think) but -despite the fact that the authentication code is stamped on the bottom - was shipped back without an Operating System. Because, you know, people 1100 miles from home, travel with backups of their Operating systems on disc and the place to have it fixed is an hour away but I'm on call for 22 days and have to be within 25 minutes of the ER. So, I don't think I'll stop grinding my teeth anytime soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Honor:

Previously Prosecution has maligned my client. Sneering at it's alleged perfidy and attempting to prove malicious intent.

I refer you to Exhibit .25mm

Defense would like to state that my client is innocent of all charges. As a second sock knit in the same fashion from a second skein resulted in almost identical results, thereby proving the genius of the dyer.

Defense rests
Sorry for the oddly toned photo - it's from my phone as my laptop suffered a lightning strike despite not being plugged in.