Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trading the word in for a question

It's that time of year again; actually depending on your calendar I could be considered late.

I've been puzzling over the guiding "word" for this next year. The truth of the Word, is in it's function as a tool. Compass, measuring stick, hammer.

I finally realised this year, I want a question:

"Who would I be, if I weren't who I am?"

I'm not talking about delving as deep as Byron Katie. But We've all been guilty of this in one form or another. "That's not my style; I wouldn't do That; Where would I wear it?; I don't deserve; I always; I'm not that type of person." Or heard it from another "You'll never...; She'd never...; Mom wouldn't..."

What if I weren't that woman? After all, I'm not who I was at 10, 20, 30, or 40. All those phases seem as though they involved specific persona, this time I think I'll take charge of shaping that persona a little more.

The next year is going to be rough for TAO and I anyway. There will be some shakeups, changes, challenges...more than the standard-dealing-with-life-stuff. Things we've been working toward for 10 years are getting ready to happen in the next coupla; so while we're dealing with all of that, what's a little seasoning shook in?

Perhaps the candy sprinkles that will carry us through. (that and our vacation in 107 days of course.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Picking myself up off the floor

It didn't take 4-6 weeks after all. I PASSED!

Looking at the score breakdown; I missed the 5 questions I thought I would, and for the practical...remember the story of ABD? Well, because of the following the statutes, not the testing (doing ABD) I totally skunked the points for that part of the protocol, but did everything else for a perfect score - making the total high enough to pass.

End of saga. ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Thoughts

Since discussion of the test is verboten, how about some goodness?
But first: thank you veterans and all who are currently serving.

I cast on the hot viral knit Damson in Dream in Color Smooshy in ButterPeeps, and now I don't want to work on anything else. I love the yarn, I love the texture, I love the color, and I even love the "boring" garter stitch part of this project.

I made myself a little hot water bottle cover out of some ultra plush super soft knit fabric from JoAnns. As well as a little knee pillow cover of the same fabric.

A round of applause for my supermodel.
Then I finished Ergonomic Earwarmer by Feistywoman Designs

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I don't want to talk about it.

The test, that is.

I either passed it splendidly, or failed it splendidly. Usually I leave a test with a sense of whether or not I passed. For instance, I have no qualms about the written exam. I can think of 5 questions I may have gotten wrong, and I can miss 35 to pass.

It's the practical that has my adrenals doing the dance. On the bright side...the person I needed showed up. (Yay!) On the dark side...not appropriate at all; but meeting the letter of the regulations so off we set.

My uncertainty about the practical springs from a difference in statutes. WI statutes state-in specific, clear language- thou shall do such and such. The chemical MSDS seconds that. The testing guidelines state something different. I went with the state guidelines because when I called the third party testing people for clarification before the exam, they said we "don't know, we just do what the state says. Call the state." Called the state and she said "don't know, lots of people do it wrong, but the code says ABD, so do ABD."

Well, ABD, threw the test administrators into a tizzy, if I flunk for that reason, I can file an appeal. But that initial action caused the proctors to watch me like ornithologists with a new species. Even my test buddy said something on the drive home about "those biddies really had it in for you, they didn't watch anyone else at all."

Now, apparently, it's 4 to 6 weeks to find out what comes next. In the meantime, let's talk about something else shall we?