Monday, August 21, 2006

The Sin of Envy - or how I almost became a widow.

Let me start by saying "Arrived Alive" and there's little Knitting in this post. I started off fueled by caffeine in an extremely cute Hello Kitty thermos (thank you Shelly). That got me through the nasty thunderstorm that followed me to DesMoine. So then it was popcorn (really Joan, I could have fed all the pigeons in Iowa) and the LimeNViolet Show. About Ankeny the salt from the popcorn (thank you Holly) started kicking in so I was forced to counteract it with, no not fruit, York Peppermint patties! (Thank you Andrea). Hit a Starbucks in Minneapolis - did I mention I got up REALLY early? (Thanks Gang) and the REI. Then back in the car. Bleah.

What does this have to do with Widowhood? Well, I am out with the Adored One on Saturday and I say "I'd like to look at cars with a few more comforts and some more Cargo Room." And a-lot-hoppin we go. Look at this that and the other. Nada. Finally we come upon the perfect Solution. Right car, right features, right price (slightly used), etc. LONG test drive, I drive out, Adored One drives back. I should have been suspicious then, he never wants to drive my car on a test drive.

Yada yada, dicker dicker...and my Husband has the new car! What in the fine fur of frogs? The astute among you will note that this does not solve the original problem that we car shopped for. So now, if I want to selfishly pick out a newer car for me we will go from NO car note to 2 car notes. AAARGH! I am not a widow because he was so excited about his new car that he did not enter the deep sleep necessary for a subtle smothering.

So, do I cut into my yarn money and get a different car also?

On a knitty note...I am fearing that the Sea Silk wrap is going to be short yardage. And I even test knitted it. Phooey. Perhaps I will unravel, steam, and make the One Skein Sea Silk Shawl from Lettuce Knits. It was first mentioned in the YarnHarlot post and when the shop was besieged with pattern requests the lovely young woman wrote it up. Whatdya think? Change the plan?


Jennifer said...

Oooo, I'd want to kill him too! Did you remind him that you guys were looking for a car for you?

ChelleC said...

This has happened at our house too. Not with new cars, but gently used ones. In the 6 years I've had ONE used car that is now, thankfully, paid off, my husband has had a pickup truck, a mid-sized car, and now a small compact car. The pickup wore out, the mid-sized car got expensive on gas, and now even though he's only had the compact car for a few months, he's talking about not liking it either and passing it along to my daughter when she starts driving so he can pick yet another one. Shesh!!!