Saturday, April 07, 2007

Those learning experiences, I tell ya'

Just before Lent started you may have seen this...
My first three ply hand spun. Done in a Pippi Kneesocks roving titled SpringTime ChocoBird, and purchased from Scout's Swag.
After a wide variety of learning experiences which included:
*Hunting down more discontinued commercial yarn
*Multiple cast ons because I didn't have a pattern
*Much ripping back because I didn't have a pattern
*Multiple design changes because, say it with me, I didn't have a pattern.
*A particularly ugly and ironic episode which involved cutting a row out and knitting back down in the opposite direction because of an Imagined Yarn Shortage, only to finish the entire project and have Probably the exact amount I had salvaged. Sigh.
*The universal reminder that you need to wash and block the confounded gauge swatch because it will #@&*%^^ change.

I present this:

It is one piece to the armholes, with short rows in the back to accomodate my broad shoulders, a Super Hero Boob Mask in each front, and comfortable 3/4 length sleeves. The shirt is such a precise match of brown that it may be difficult to tell, but it is a cropped length, falling at my G-d given waistline. I made it as a cardigan with a modified sweetheart neckline then remembered that I like the looks of a cardi, but not the wearing. So I sewed the front closed and it pulls on easily with the large neckline.

I foresee many comfortable wearings before the millspun yarn finally pills beyond salvage. A process already begun by my seatbelt. Is anyone else annoyed by that type of thing?


Anonymous said...

Wow, your learning experiences sound just like mine! I'm always having problems. The sweater looks great in the end though! Love the contrasting stripe across the middle. And yes, the seatbelt is very annoying to me too!

Jennifer U. said...

I'm glad you "decided" on the dark you hadn't already made up your mind. It looks really great on you too!

Jennifer said...

That is so cute!

ChelleC said...

Very cute. Looks good on you. I like your idea of sewing up the front, less hassle. Nice project.

JessaLu said...

It looks very comfy! Great handspun :o) Enjoy your new sweater!