Sunday, August 05, 2007

Anyone know any good Superstitions

Involving Praying Mantis? When I went this morning to exercise I found a Praying Mantis on the underside of my doorknob. Poor thing, I didn't have the lights on and found him by grabbing the knob. After I turned on the lights and put him outside where Praying Mantis food lives I wondered if it was a sign that I should stay inside?

After finally accepting the reality of the yarn I was spinning I decided to cast on my Fern & Flower Shawl in millspun.

First I got about 32 rows in Lorna's Shephard Sport in the Gold Hill colourway on Bryspun US 8s. Great yarn but it wasn't the visual I carried in my mind.


I cast on Dream in Color Smooshy in November Muse on Bryspun US 6s. Bought, of course, atTLE More congruent with the mental image.


Jennifer said...

I remember being told that a praying mantis was a good omen. I don't have any particular story though.

ChelleC said...

You know, this is weird about the praying mantis. At work the other day, we had the largest praying mantis on our office window that I have ever seen. It actually distracted several of us throughout the day as it stayed there for several hours because finally crawling away in the late afternoon. I don't know what it means as far as superstition, but it was fascinating to watch.