Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Burning Rubber ~ Spinning Tires

The other - busy - day I started a blog post that went like this:

"I just keep knitting on UFOs and getting no where - it's like those "lost time" stories people tell after being sucked up. I Need to Finish Something, ANYthing, just to relight the joy candle in knitting." I ended going to workout instead of finishing a post. Exercise is time consuming when you start this far out of shape.

Back in May I started the above socks, from Nancy Bush's
Knitting on the Road Whitby pattern. This pattern has been on my list "to do" for more than a year. I finally bumped them up the queue and cast on with Claudia Hand Paint in Chocolate and Chocolate Cherry. A lovely yarn to knit, although I've heard rumours of wear issues. Then I started the 100 days of change. I decided to knit these socks in pure Continental style instead of my usual Eastern Uncrossed. There were gauge issues, habit issues, training issues, patience issues. Goodbye May, June, and here's July.

Of course, the socks weren't the only thing to languish in the knitting basket, there's...well...lets not go down that list, I do need to sleep tonight.

Change is time consuming as well. First you have to decide what to change, then how to change it, then try it out, evaluate it for success, weigh if it's a workable change, and move on. To that end I am currently "studying" diet choices and deciding which would be the most workable for me, then I am mapping out the menus, shopping lists, etc necessary to stay on it for a full assignment, figuring that advance thought will make it easier to implement at the next place. Add to that the cyclical re-evaluation of what goes home for good and what gets back in the car, and there is plenty'o'change going on.

A snappy instance of change is my recent purchase of pink workout gear. I loathe pink. Pink is But I figure, add some pink. You're going to sweat in it, they are cute hip hop capris in XL. So my fat hiney is attempting some serious shaking in pink bottoms. I feel like a kid forced to eat fried liver.
People, of course, comment on them. My mind says "they're cute, people say they're cute." My little voice says "they're outrageously Pink, and people comment because you look like a pink Barney". Change is a noisy place.

And the joy candle? Look right here!


Jennifer said...

Yay on the socks! They look great. And I love those pink workout capris. They are awesome.

Karen said...

Love the socks! Love them! The two colorways are wonderful together!

I really like your pink capris too. I used to hate pink too and now I love it. Go figure.

ChelleC said...

Those socks are adorable. And I would encourage you to join me in the Ravelempics running from August 8th - 24th. My Sport is Wrestling WIPS.

Jeanne said...

Love the socks! I love the pink capris too...