Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Busier than...

A cricket with Restless Leg syndrome.

Which is not to say "Productive". My job involves a fair amount of uncertainty and that has been around in abundance the last few weeks. And the entire thing included some decisions that later proved to be poor decisions and others that, while not sterling, are okay - if I don't look at the money too closely.

There was a little tension on the home front because we have talked for 5 years about new floors for the house. And 2 years ago I found Just The Floor I wanted. So we decided to save cash for the floors. This weekend TAO got a new home theatre. (I do not watch TV, I hate TV.) The total came to 9.80 less than the quote for our floors. The only real meltdown came when I figured out that the new sound system would banish all my lovely stereo components to some other (unheated) part of the house. It wasn't pretty, and aired some sulphurous thoughts. Since I don't give a flip about the TV I take my stereo very seriously. In the end, each of us demonstrated maturity when the other didn't, each of us took turns venting, and a happy medium was achieved. TAO is wonderful. The new "theatre" is very nice, and TAO is excited about it being in time for football. Floors will happen in 2010.

I have been so busy that I didn't get around to posting pictures of my variation of the Syrian Shoulder Shawl from Victorian lace today. I used one skein of CamelSpin and had a trifle left over. It's soft, lovely, and due to the addition of some short rows: doesn't fall off the shoulders. I skipped the lace border from the pattern and instead did a crochet chain border.


ChelleC said...

Oh gosh, I love your shawl! I've been thinking lately abouy trying a shawl out of that book but never have done it yet.

I love your crocheted edging too. That is a lovely modification.

Jennifer said...

Very lovely shawl!

Working it out with the hubby can be a stressful affair, but it sounds like you have it all worked out nicely.