Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time to get out the tape measure

I knit fully 70% of the Ski Lodge Scoop. Enough that I could try it on and discover that it was HUGE. I was on gauge, perfect stitch count, no issues there. Measured the's what the patterns says it should be.

Now, the scale says I haven't lost any weight. Nada, zippo, zilch. But I've had a run of weird fitting experiences over the last 3 weeks. There was a cute store bought sweater that just wouldn't hang right, until I finally figured out it was too big; the pants that seemed just a little saggy and required constant pulling up, that type of thing.

So I got a co-worker (thanks MOS) to measure. Hmmn, think I found the problem. The girls are the same size as before and that's what I see looking down, but there has apparently been some renovation under the girls but before we get to the hips. Uh, Yay!

Except my almost finished sweater is now returned to it's natural state of cakes of yarn. Hmmn...yay? more knitting without spending? yay? (perhaps not)


ChelleC said...

Congratulations, losing inches is even BETTER than losing pounds! I need to do both when I return from this vacation. Too much fast food and not enough exercise is causing me to burst out of my fat jeans.

tina said...

Well first of all big CONGRATS on losing inches. That is great news---yay!

Secondly, pie weights in a pouch in fingerless mitts......... wow, what a concept, I love it!!!

I bow to your brilliance!

Jeanne said...

Congrats on losing inches!