Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

Another year gone. It was exhausting and franic while it happened, yet it doesn't seem very long since I was typing last year's entry.

I'm grateful for TAO and the dogs. Grateful for the new friends I made this year (waves to the backroom girls), I learned alot from them. Grateful for friends still hanging in from prior years. The year could have been so much worse.

Hoping everyone is having good holidays, staying healthy and well.

Time to eat naked angel food cake.


ChelleC said...

Happy Birthday - I know it was yesterday and I missed it. I've been meaning to get a package together for ya, but you are definitely in my thoughts. You're a wonderful friend.

Jennifer said...

The happiest of birthday wishes to you.

ChelleC said...

A little package is on the way.

PBW said...

Happy belated birthday!

Hope you are enjoying a fun holiday season!