Friday, April 17, 2009

Note Pinned to Shirt

Permission Slip:
Traveling Knitter has received the latest two instructional modules in sock knitting and procured all associated supplies. However, she has not finished the last 35 rows of the socks that are currently OTN. As a result there is some concern regarding allowing her to cast on from these modules. It is my belief that sufficient interest has been expressed in finishing the current project~she has several times disrupted class by muttering "MMMalabrigo" & and "one more round"~ however she can not be allowed to cast on without express permission.

If you feel that Traveling Knitter should be allowed to engage in casting on activity before finishing the previous technique module, please sign this slip and return it.

Little Loopy


melanie said...

Permission granted. (The fact that I have no less than 6 sock projects going right now should tell you something...)

Jennifer said...

I grant you permission. Knit what you want. :-)

tina said...

Absolutely! The bearer of this note may knit whatever, whenever, wherever without guilt or feelings of naughtiness whatsoever!