Friday, October 02, 2009

My kingdom for a photographer!

Well, I finally finished something - my February Lady Sweater!
(so not linking to that pattern, because y'all are serious knitters and know to what I refer) 6993 projects on Ravelry with 3846 posted as finished.

I wish I had a human to photograph me in it though, the only pictures I could take'll see : )

I used 14 balls of Valley Yarns Sugarloaf, an easy to care for yarn, which is good because I forsee a lot of wear in this sweaters future. The yarn is splitty which led to some "rackum frackum s" when attempting to manipulate for lace. But it's nice smooshiness makes up for it. Basically no modifications except for fit/sizing. I started with the smallest neck for more clavicle coverage, increased to the medium to the sleeve split, then decreased out the seven underarm stitches within 8 rows to keep the body from A-lining & adding visual width.

I'm currently in 90+ weather with 75+ humidity, so this yummy Lady will have to wait for a change in location. Perhaps I'll crank the AC for just tonight though, so I can bask in her snuggliness.


ChelleC said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE it. It is gorgeous on you. I bet you are so proud of it. You'll definitely get a lot of use and wear out of this one once the weather cools.

tina said...

Lovely, and I adore the color! Great job!!!!!!! It is in the mid 40's here, rainy and yuk and sweater weather to be sure. Hop on over with that rockin' sweater, I'll put on the tea pot!