Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Heat forced the poor peony to bare it's heart. The hotel has one of those sensors that shuts down the HVAC when you leave the room, so everything freezes or roasts. Still, I feel like that little Peony gave it's all.


By Tuesday the entire room was saturated with this little flower's fragrant glory.


There is this one lonely little peony giving it's all to brighten up my hotel room

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spring Fever

Beautiful flowers courtesy of TAO, just because

Warning: Long Post to follow.

In Knitting content we have the following:
Cast on the February Lady Sweater -

I figure if I can get one lace repeat done a week I'll have it finished just in time for October wearing. And I'm doing it with a friend in NY, so we are having a nice time.

I'm also KALing the Lacy Rib Socks from Wendy D. Johnson's Socks from the Toe up.
They are for someone I don't care much for, but I thought perhaps I don't like them because I don't really know them, so I'm putting forth the energy. I am using a yarn that pools, which makes me crazy, but since they are for a non-knitter who only wears designer labels and I intend to market them as house socks, I'm not sweating the flashing.

From the same book comes the Diagonal Lace socks. I started these in SweetGeorgia Snapdragon (my favourite flower) while waiting to go in for surgery. However, my gauge while stoned...eh, no. So I got to rip the first sock and start again.
But I love this yarn so it was completely fine with me. I blew up the chart, mounted each line on the back of a business card, hole punched the edge, put it on a split ring and it hangs from the knitting bag without getting lost. I use a little binder clip to keep it on the correct row when I get up and move on.

About the Spring Fever: I have it bad! And with odd manifestations. For instance, when I got the letter from the health insurance saying they would pay $246 of a $8600surgery, I thought well, hmmn, buy yarn. (I didn't actually buy yarn, but I haven't emptied the basket either). Now I ask you, does it make sense to spend money when you've just found out a bill is going to be LOTS more than expected.

This was followed by the next letter that they would pay $1000 of $3800 in the followup surgery. That made me want to go to a department store and buy girlie crap. I settled for a tube of mascara and a pair of shoes for work. And the third letter that informed us that our premium is going UP $223.00 a month. Which makes me want to get on my soap box and rant, but if I did that y'all would realise that I am Not a Nice Girl with a charitable heart.

Shortly after this came a spate of text messages from TAO that essentially boiled down to "can't we sell the house, move away, get different jobs, before he has a stroke at work?" Uh...hmmn. That led to some negotiations, that will involve divesting ourselves of some physical possessions over the next year. Because I was all for anything he had in mind except I'm too tired to even contemplate schleping stuff up the basement stairs, much less boxing it all and schleping it where-ever.

I've been skimming a couple of "self-help" books from the library. I say skimming because they have good ideas in them, but I seriously don't want to look too deeply into my heart and mind; because...well, what if I discover that I'm Unhappy? And not really in a position to do anything about it right now? That would suck.
Luckily, I have oodles of good knitting patterns and good yarn to distract me from deep thought.