Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spring Fever

Beautiful flowers courtesy of TAO, just because

Warning: Long Post to follow.

In Knitting content we have the following:
Cast on the February Lady Sweater -

I figure if I can get one lace repeat done a week I'll have it finished just in time for October wearing. And I'm doing it with a friend in NY, so we are having a nice time.

I'm also KALing the Lacy Rib Socks from Wendy D. Johnson's Socks from the Toe up.
They are for someone I don't care much for, but I thought perhaps I don't like them because I don't really know them, so I'm putting forth the energy. I am using a yarn that pools, which makes me crazy, but since they are for a non-knitter who only wears designer labels and I intend to market them as house socks, I'm not sweating the flashing.

From the same book comes the Diagonal Lace socks. I started these in SweetGeorgia Snapdragon (my favourite flower) while waiting to go in for surgery. However, my gauge while, no. So I got to rip the first sock and start again.
But I love this yarn so it was completely fine with me. I blew up the chart, mounted each line on the back of a business card, hole punched the edge, put it on a split ring and it hangs from the knitting bag without getting lost. I use a little binder clip to keep it on the correct row when I get up and move on.

About the Spring Fever: I have it bad! And with odd manifestations. For instance, when I got the letter from the health insurance saying they would pay $246 of a $8600surgery, I thought well, hmmn, buy yarn. (I didn't actually buy yarn, but I haven't emptied the basket either). Now I ask you, does it make sense to spend money when you've just found out a bill is going to be LOTS more than expected.

This was followed by the next letter that they would pay $1000 of $3800 in the followup surgery. That made me want to go to a department store and buy girlie crap. I settled for a tube of mascara and a pair of shoes for work. And the third letter that informed us that our premium is going UP $223.00 a month. Which makes me want to get on my soap box and rant, but if I did that y'all would realise that I am Not a Nice Girl with a charitable heart.

Shortly after this came a spate of text messages from TAO that essentially boiled down to "can't we sell the house, move away, get different jobs, before he has a stroke at work?" Uh...hmmn. That led to some negotiations, that will involve divesting ourselves of some physical possessions over the next year. Because I was all for anything he had in mind except I'm too tired to even contemplate schleping stuff up the basement stairs, much less boxing it all and schleping it where-ever.

I've been skimming a couple of "self-help" books from the library. I say skimming because they have good ideas in them, but I seriously don't want to look too deeply into my heart and mind; because...well, what if I discover that I'm Unhappy? And not really in a position to do anything about it right now? That would suck.
Luckily, I have oodles of good knitting patterns and good yarn to distract me from deep thought.


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous knits - I love the diagonal lace socks - what a gorgeous colorway!

Sounds like a lot of stress - health insurance - grr! I hope things get better and that they cover more of the bills. Feel better!

ChelleC said...

Well I definitely think there are times when deep thought is best avoided. Sounds like now may be one of those times.

I LOVE your socks and am glad you are posting again. Hope you feel better.

Jennifer said...

The February Lady sweater is a fun knit and a great sweater! You've picked a lovely color.

In terms of deep thought, I don't think summer is a time for that. I say buy some more yarn. :-)