Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Reknit?

Back in November of 2006 I knit this:

In Esperanza (discontinued) by Schaefer Yarns. A Bulky 70% Lambswool, 30% Alpaca, that I picked up while in the FingerLakes Region of NY, straight from the Schaefer Yarn Studio.

It was a fast knit, in a pattern that I just made up. And while I liked it, it didn't keep my clavicles warm - which is the whole point. So it languished.

I tossed it into the frogpond, and emerged with this faroese based wrap instead. Ironically, I am now someplace too warm to wear it.

I only just noticed that I wore purple shirts both times. And I think those are the ONLY two purple shirts I do own. Weird.


ChelleC said...

I like the new version MUCH better. It's more stylish. Very nice. I have become much more likely to frog and either reknit items I don't wear, or gift the item or the yarn. Because I have far too little closet and drawer space to fill it up with stuff that isn't being worn. Nice reuse of beautiful yarn.

The boot wearing pig said...

My daddy always said, "Never go out without warm clavicles." Or maybe it was, "A warm clavicle is a happy clavicle." No, no - I'm sure it was, "Cold hands, warm clavicle." Gosh, my dad was verbose.