Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm currently engaged in the yardage gamble. I spun my Polwarth into a 3 ply worsted/aran weight and have been knitting away on Elysium. Of course this means that this is a One of a Kind yarn, and when it's gone, it's gone.
So many knitters know where this is going:

I may have misjudged the amount needed. Elysium is knit in one piece sideways from the left front around to the right edge. I am 5 of 12 repeats in on the right front and the remaining yarn is looking Very Scanty.

All I can do is keep knitting to the bitter end and see how close to the mark I come. Then if it's not enough, see what I can rig up to make it work. I think I can pull it off (Bona Spes).

Because in Knitting, unlike Life, I can steal from the beginning to reshape the end. Life on the other hand, is an unknown yardage and content with a sometimes dubious design.


tina said...

Oh my! I get all freaky deaky when I even think of running short of yarn! I buy too much generally---- but then when I do buy the "odd" bits, it never fails that I want to knit something that I know the yardage would never stretch for! Am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!! There are knitters who love to play this game and enjoy squeaking to the finish line with mere inches of yarn. Crazy things they are!

ChelleC said...

Gosh more wise knitting (and living) words have seldom been said!

You ought to write an essay for a future KnitLit. If you're so inclined that is. Very wise and witty, as always.

And I too am keeping fingers crossed that you don't have to "borrow from the beginning to finish the end." Sweaty fingers too.