Wednesday, September 28, 2011

L'shanah tovah tikatevi v'taihatemi 5772

May we all be written.

Sometimes in looking forward, we see only the distance to go. We fail to look back and see how far we’ve come.

So often we resolve to live only in the present, this moment, only this moment. Then we come to situations that ask us to plan for the future, to forgive the past, to change. Which is difficult when we’re living the frustration of the situation right this minute.

5771 was a rough ride. And I found myself this morning looking at my list from last year, and feeling angry with myself for being further behind on it than when the year started. So many more transgressions, so many angry words, so many tears, so many apologies to make. Times when I was cruel or unkind merely because someone was human. I found myself angry and disappointed in myself.

Then I started thinking about the apologies. Why do I apologize? To acknowledge to the other person that they are not invisible, that they are a person, and that I know – in some way - I have invaded their dignity. To give them a chance to speak their piece/peace, to accept responsibility for what I’ve done. And to give them an opportunity to atone for their own things that might be related to the misunderstanding. To make the world a better place; by so doing we choose life.

Suddenly I realized that my list needed one more name: my own. So much of what I’ve done wrong to others this year, I’ve also done to myself.
Pushed myself, mocked myself, berated myself for the flaw of being human. Yes, 5771 was a rough year, and I cracked under the pressure more than once;

but there were also times when I did the right thing as well. And so did the people in my life. At the center of the truth, I love them all; and just as they accept and forgive my foibles, I need to practice demonstrating that core compassion…for all of us.


melanie said...

I do so enjoy the way you write...

ChelleC said...

Amazing insight. You are so right on, I need to post this entry somewhere on my wall - but I think it's already sticking in my heart. Forgive others, and especially forgive yourself. Thank you!

Tina said...

Great words. Core Compassion is hard stuff. I prayed for compassion years ago and what came from that fervent prayer was the life I have now. I didn't always consider it a gift which is the wrong to MYSELF. I send you peace, love and light my friend

Jai Storm said...

Very true very true if you can't forgive yourself, how can you forgive others? Forgiving yourself is most difficult @ times.