Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for: ~ ~ ~

~For The Adored One – I don’t say it often enough, or well enough, but he changed my life and I couldn’t have gotten through the past year without him.

~The fact that my life is rich and full enough that I have to prioritize my WIPs in order to get them done. I'm having a little end of year WIP clean up, before casting on something really big for New Years Day.

This is the Circles Yoke pattern/yarn that I bought as a souvenir of my WEBS trip last year. I knit most of the body, then realized that my weight loss made it 4" too big and had to reknit it.

~For my friends that are willing to hear the bad news as well as accept the good news. And who have the courage to ask the difference; or to tell me the truth.

~I don't have the words to express the idea that - while it's not over yet - the people who demonstrate concern are the reason why I don't just give up; why it's not over Because I Won't Give Up. Or how afraid I am that I will hurt those people by not winning.

The sweater is still a little big, but I don't plan on staying this skinny. And if the people who thought enough of me to invite me into their homes for the holiday have any say, I'll be fattened up soon. ~Thank you for all the invites.

~There are people in my life that –quite honestly- I'm thankful I am not them. Either because of how they live their lives, or because the burdens they carry are so much worse than mine. That sounds terrible, but it's more about being aware of how good my life is.

~Profoundly thankful for simply being here this day. There have been days in the past year when that looked like it wasn’t possible. Days that I was scared to even admit to myself. Fortunately there were people who recognized the flailing around for the pain it was, and helped instead of withdrawing.

~Strangely, I'm soothed by Science. The same Science that while it can't fix the situation, gives me an explanation for the situation.

~And as always, thankful for the hours at the LA Public Library; which lent me the books I used to teach myself to knit & crochet.


Tina said...

Well you know I'm thankful and honored by your honesty, your strength your tenacity---- and the love that bubbles forth even when I'm sure you'd rather be snarky. I send you ginormous hugs AND that sweater, Love me a classic yoke sweater.

Anonymous said...

You look really good in that sweater! I love it.

Also, as an odd sidenote: the mean girl on the playground over here is playing a bit nicer/more civil, since I stood my ground.