Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Words

No words, too tired. But here are some finished objects since I last "spoke" with y'all.
Stripe Study in 'Play at Life Fiber Arts' Screwdriver for Breakfast
and 'MadTosh' Composition Book Grey

Serpentine socks in 'Stroll Sport' Hot Rod  

'Sundara' Dahlia Colorway
Socks for a Friend

BFF socks in 'DIC Smooshy' ?Blue Lagoon? yarn from a
Destash & she had lost the tag.  Sadly, I forgot
which toe I did on the first one, and so the toes
don't "match" ~ have to keep for self.

Baby socks in Malabrigo Tizano Red
Color Affection Wrap in 'Plucky Knitter Primo'
I loved the knitting of this, the wearing, not so much
it's very scarf-like.  In fact,
it may become my go-to-scarf-pattern.


Tina said...

Lovely work as always. Think of you daily and send love and light. Big ole' smooshy hugs!

ChelleC said...

I am sorry you are tired. My thoughts are with you so often, but I wish I could just scoop you up and give you a big rib-smashing hug that my Grandma Ferne is famous for.

Your work is beautiful, as always. Hope you get more energy soon and start feeling MUCH better.