Friday, January 08, 2016

Looking around with purpose

Last year TAO needed a new truck for work. The usual frustration of two widely varying money personality types ensued for a few weeks and he ended up with a very nice Jeep Grand Cherokee.

With a tow package.

Then, as we were driving places, the refrain became: “I could tow that.”
Trailer – "I could tow that."
Boat – "I could tow that."
Camper – "I could tow that."

And I, knowing how sometimes a slip of the tongue has led to well-intentioned but unwanted big ticket spending…always squash it by saying:
“We Have a trailer”
“We are NOT buying a boat.”
“We do NOT camp. We are NOT buying a camper. Our idea of camping is spending the day on the patio, then going back in the house and going to bed after a hot shower.”

Eventually, my own safety sense overruled my financial sense and I bought a nice little Jeep Renegade of my own. A vehicle that fills me with joy when I see her parked in the lot.
I lurve my little Jeep so much I even joined an internet forum of other owners who frankly admit that the point of the group is to take pictures and coo over our babies. The other day one of these was at an RV show and kept showing pictures of campers OUR Jeep could tow.

I had to point out to TAO – “I could tow that.”

On a side note: wouldn’t that make an adorable little yarn room? I could run a traveling yarn store.


indyknitter said...

I don't camp either but I want one of these adorable little teardrop trailers. You'd look so cute towing one behind your Jeep!,fl_progressive,g_north,h_358,q_80,w_636/196cm9qv4p43mjpg.jpg

indyknitter said...
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