Saturday, June 02, 2007

Colours, striping, Seeking your opinions

I figured I would take the time to spin and ply a couple of different ways and see what I got. Isn't unrestrained control issues that part of why we learn to spin?

So here are the swatches: A controlled spin of the roving with each colour change fully exhausted before the next colour and then navajo plied

A spin of the roving split into 4 sections, spun out and then plied from opposing ends of the colours using Andean plying.

Again the roving split into 4 sections, divided into 2 balanced balls and plied from the same starting end.

The yellow....well....hmmn.


ChelleC said...

Personally, I like version #2, but they are all lovely!

Shelly in Omaha said...

They all look nifty, but my personal favorite is #1. I don't understand all the terminology but I am sooooo impressed that you can spin!

Jennifer said...

I like version 2.

Anonymous said...

I like them all, perhaps #1 the best, but really no favorite. Don't you just love the endless possibilities you have with spinning your own yarn???