Sunday, September 28, 2008

100 days wrap up

As I was gearing up for Rosh - paying off bills, apologizing to people or attempting to make amends, sending funds to charities, organizing my stash (I am a knitter), I realised that I had never done a wrap up of the 100 days.

So in no particular order here are things I learned (mostly about myself) during the 100 days:
  • You can't wear granny butt undies to a cardiosculpt class if you wear Puma workout pants, the rise doesn't match.
  • Some exercise DVDs need to be played in halftime for the first month, until you stop tripping over your feet. If a month goes by and you haven't graduated to regular speed, it needs to go back to the library, get real.
  • When you first go to an exercise class, get where you can see the instructors feet, and don't watch the arms. The arms are lying sneaky things. The feet are what will keep you from being mowed down when the rest of the class changes directions.
  • Keep trying different multivitamins. Eventually you will find one that not only makes you feel good, but agrees with your digestive system.
  • When you are sick, admit it and lie down.
  • If your hair flops in your face, cut it. If the cut proves to be darling, but high maintence, get a pixie. The amount you spend will be the same, but the sleep you gain may save your life someday.
  • When you ask the teenybopper too young to vote, what size she thinks you should try on, and she looks you up and down then replies in a doubtful tone "You could try extra large", vote with your feet and leave. (I wear a 9)
  • Get some friends 20 years younger than you, and go shop in a gaggle. It can be good for your wardrobe.
  • Just as the Book title says "Money can buy Happiness". But it's not about the shopping.
  • Dark chocolate M&Ms taste better eaten out a tiny tin that says "Love". And it's instant portion control.
  • Eating 35 gms of fiber a day does make you lose weight. Until you stop doing it.
  • Gauge is a tricky thing. And if you teach yourself a new knitting style, your gauge will change.
  • A state of Shaker philosophy, where things are simple, useful and lovely, is a delicate balance.
  • Chelle recommended the TamileeWebb workouts. I bought a great DVD. Someday I may get all the way though the 15 minute workout. I learned that I am in even worse shape than I thought.
  • If you keep knitting, eventually you'll finish something.

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ChelleC said...

Guess who taught me about the TamiLee Webb videos? Our mutual friend PBW, fess up Phyllis.