Wednesday, September 17, 2008


To: Sick as a Sheep with a Wool Allergy.

Little Loopy did finish the Blue Comfort hat. We have now cast on a different hat from "Knits from the Heart" in a soft coral colour. I figure it's the same amount of postage to ship 3 or 4 as it would be to ship 2.

I did take something one night hoping that deep sleep would help knock this stuff down, instead I dreamed that TAO and I were frogs. I was a beautiful frog with orange eyes. Anyone know if frog dreams are a good omen or a bad one?

I obviously haven't been working out, just working and sleeping with some episodes of Season One of Columbo thrown in. However, I have mentally been gearing up for the 10 days of Awe. Making my list of things that need to be settled in order to start the new year fresh. This has included a financial review of sorts. I'm not making solid decisions right now, but reading and gathering info so that after I feel well I can make some changes. Which leads to yarn...

What is it's place in the budget? Entertainment? Hobby? Necessity? We settled that TAOs hobbies are working out and watching TV. Figured out what that cost every month. Agreed that my hobbies should have the same financing. TV is very expensive when you break it down to hours of watching (since he watches surprisingly little). It put my knitting into a perspective.

I'm also mulling over "Meticulous" as the word for the new year. That is a trait I would like to cultivate, without going overboard. What springs to mind when you hear that word? Positive? (detailed, concise, organized) Negative? (Anal, controlling).

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ChelleC said...

Well . . . . funny you should talk about words, I'm considering mine for next year as well. Meticulous might work for you. For me, it means exacting/implies more attention to detail than I personally aspire to, but this word is all about your goals and vision. Can you explain what you're shooting for in considering it?