Thursday, October 02, 2008

5769 Word

I had been mulling over the word for the year. For the background on this idea, blatantly swiped from Chelle check out her post.

I had initially chewed on "Meticulous". I noticed that I was spending increasingly more time fixing minor errors, typos, spills, etc. Also a lot of time looking for lost items, trying to remember interrupted thoughts, forgetting to get things done. I considered that focusing on being precise and careful would help me find a solution.

Then, I realised that the real problem was that impossible had become the new normal. I consistently perform 11 to 15 one-hour exams in an 8 hour day. Hard not to make typos when you are typing with your toes. Easy to spill food when you are eating it with one hand as you do something "more important". Not work time is about doing the books for TAOs business, being the CFO for the family, studying for the MN boards, exercising, and squeezing in some knitting.

When you are juggling two chainsaws and taming a tiger, motion seems more important than details.

The word my life needs is "nurturance". Loving care and attention. I am going to focus on more ways to bring that into my life. Periodically eating food with a knife and fork off of a plate, getting much needed sleep, mild and moderate exercise to deal with stress, drinking water out of a glass instead of a bottle.

What about y'all? What do you do to nurture yourself?


Jennifer said...

Drinking tea, going to the library and picking a book that you always wanted to read and then setting time aside each day to just read, laying down on the floor in the dark and listening to classical music with your eyes closed... Boy, it's been a long time since I've listened to Bach in the dark. Very relaxing.

ChelleC said...

I like your word! It fits your current needs. I've been contemplating mine as well. My "year" starts on my birthday in early November.

Self nurturing suggestions: meditatation and yoga are both excellent stress relievers. Buy yourself a beautiful journal and do your "Morning Pages" in it every day. The Artist Way by Julia Cameron has some excellent self nurturing suggestions.

melanie said...

I love to follow your thoughts and ideas, and "nurturance" seems to be a pretty important concept for yourself as well of the rest of the world in this economic depression...this year I think i will get the most nurturance from my animals. Spending time with them might qualify as work for some...but it brings me peace. And then there's knitting, of course...