Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving without motion

No, I'm not talking Meta-Zen. It's a long story with very little (sadly) knitting so if you came to fulfill fiber fantasies...move along.

TAO and I moved 11 times in 7 years. We've been at the 12th place 5 years now. I am FINALLY going to get my new floors.

Of course, that means now is the perfect time to paint - you don't have to worry about drips. Unfortunately, TAO took that to mean...don't worry about drips anywhere...but that's another story. So we painted. There's nothing like a marathon painting session to make you wonder why you have such a big house. I mean, that's alot of Ceiling.

Back to the moving thingy - The astute among you will realise that in order to install flooring, they must remove the old flooring, which means nothing can be on the floor. Hmmn, it's -18F in the garage, perhaps it's a good thing we have such a big house after all, because 3 rooms of furniture and counters has to go somewhere.

Since we had to displace everything, it was decided that we should shift it as though we are Moving. Really look at things and ask ourselves "Would you pay money for someone else to move this? Would you carry it up and down flights of stairs in order to keep it?" Of course there is some chaos in this as I am only home 2 days this month.'s liberating. TAO and I hoard. Especially since we've stopped purging for moving. When I come home between assignments I tend to dump/reload, leaving items behind. When TAO can't find something, he gets another one. Right now the focus is on the part of the house that is being renovated, but it feels so good that we are already mapping out changes to the garage and workshop when the weather is nice. The largest single item to go: the sofa. We meet people out in town for socializing; guarding our home space jealously. We don't cuddle there either, for a date night we build a picnic on the floor with piles of cushions and quilts and snacks. The messiest part was the pantry; sorting the food, checking dates, pitching, recycling glass, etc.

Think how relaxing it will be when it's all done. How about you...what are you holding onto that you "wouldn't pay someone to move"?


ChelleC said...

That type of thinking is how I finally was able to let go of my large book collection many years ago. Talk about expensive - books are heavy and expensive to move. Now I mainly use the library. But I DO still have knitting books.

Elysbeth said...

Isn't that the truth?!? One move I gave up 32 boxes of books. But my knitting library keeps growing. I justify it by saying "They go out of print so fast, they're nonfiction, someday I'll retire." : )

Kim said...

That question hits too close to home for me to even try to answer.

melanie said...

What an excellent way to look at all the "stuff" we acquire...