Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Unutterably Rude.

A while back the fabulous Chelle (with the great hair) sent me a care package.

Which I, of course, opened before doing any of the mature mail opening. I may have even rolled on the Alpaca, played Jedi KNIghT with the shawl pin, and performed sundry other welcoming rituals.

What I did not do was post it on the blog with a huge THANK YOU. I took a picture so that I could, and then suffered the crash of '08. But here it is.

Thank you Chelle. I love the colour of the yarn, it's so perfectly me. And the stitch markers are currently working hard on the lettuce coat. Smooches.


Jennifer said...

I had to chuckle at the Jedi Knight reference.

ChelleC said...

Ha! I am glad you liked the package. You are such a wonderful friend. Hope you've recovered from the computer creash. That's such a pain. I had the same thing happen about 6 months ago.

Jeanne said...

Great package and beautiful yarn!

Kim said...

Oh, I've so enjoyed your comments on my blog. You've been a little quiet these days.

That yarn is just beautiful!