Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hopes - crushed and wildly fulfilled

We have an apple tree, two pear trees, and a cherry tree. We rarely get any cherries because of the Grosbeaks, and Bond the Cairn terror terrier eats the apples off the lower branches. He also wishes he could leap as high as the pears, but has to settle for windfall.

I drove home for the weekend - mental health being worth the cost of gas. Of course, after months on living in a hotel, I want to cook in my kitchen. So I called TAO, had him preheat the oven, and hit the kitchen with a cooler of semiprepped food to build enchiladas. TAO unloaded the car to faciliate his enchilada nirvana. I build the tray, pop it in the oven, and go in search of the basket that contains the non chilled items.

Behold! Next to the basket I find Bond, tail going about 4000 rpms. It was the culmination of all his doggie fantasies. The item needed for the dessert was a carefully wrapped, carefully carried, perfectly ripened Pear. He had delicately lifted it from it's wrapping by the stem and was daintly eating it.

I snatched it up off the new carpet appalled, but couldn't really yell at him...after all pears are fair game in this house, we even slingshot them for him to chase when they're hard and small, and the basket was down on the floor. He was so happy for a brief moment...a pear...full sized, soft, sweet, perfect.

There was only half left so we ended up cutting it into halves and giving each dog a piece. My beautifully envisioned dessert morphed into something else with laughter as a spice, and Bond has his manhood name - PearSlayer.

214 days to vacation!


melanie said...

Aww...I'm glad the PearSlayer got his fantasy kill...

tina said...

GO Pear Slayer!!!!!!!!!