Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not listening

La La La La...not listening Universe...not listening.

We've got 221 days until vacation, and while I should be packing to move on down the road from this assignment, I am beleaguering the reference desk with book requests about the area and surfing the web. Lo! I come across a job listing for just the town I would want to move to if I were to move to that part of the country, and a nice real estate listing (or 3). What are the odds that a town of 5000 would have an opening for TAOs speciality position? And did I mention the 3 different people I met recently who had moved from the area because of family obligations and were sorry?

Fresh off the needles:

Nanners by the redoubtable Wendy D. Johnson. Did you see she will have a new book out next March? Worked up in stash Koigu with about 5 yards to spare at the end.

Since I should be focusing on transitioning in August, I think I may skip next month's KAL pattern and get some things off the needles instead. Maybe, we'll see ; )

Ps: TAO seems suspicious about the big items that have moved out of the house via Freecycle lately. Help me re-assure him that I am just cleaning.

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tina said...

absolutely! CLEANING, yes that is it. Yes, cleanliness is next to, well you know.............