Friday, September 18, 2009

May you be inscribed.

For You are He Who remembers forever all forgotten things -- Rosh Hashanah Musaf Amidah.

Another year has alternately whisked/dragged by.

In an odd twist, I am home and TAO is not. Which I can tell you, feels very odd. When I think of this house, I picture TAO in it somewhere. And the dogs are confused, they're used to not knowing when I'm coming through the door, but Dad comes home by dark - hence their confusion.

Too often this year I have forgotten that "Life is Good", I've been so busy keeping our head above the water that I've lost sight of being grateful I can paddle. There were some episodes in which I was, frankly, betrayed. And that made me unwilling to perform the small graces which make life civilized. However, as the Amidah says today "remembers...all forgotten things". Hopefully, the small goods that I have unconsiously done will cancel the sins that I can not name.

May your own next year be filled with grace, strength, and sweetness.


ChelleC said...

Happy New Year to you, Elysbeth. I hope this new one is better. My best wishes are with you. I ought to give you a call and check in on you soon. : )

tina said...

Such a lovely post, happy new year!!!

Gratitude is sometimes hard to grasp, your reminder is heartfelt and timely! Hugs to you!