Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Remember my Alamo Souvenir? I had a hard time reconciling myself to gasp walking on cashmere, but didn't want a shawl/scarf either. So I knit these.

Close fitting legwarmers/footless socks that I am calling YogaWarmers. They have too much negative ease to ever do that weird bunchy thing that legwarmers did in the 80s; which I confess I never mastered, instead feeling like I just had really fat ankles.

They're for yoga in that I can pull them on under my workout pants, perfect for early in the morning before I've warmed up and then as I heat up slip them off easily, and just as easily slip them back on for corpse pose.

The cashmere makes them decadent, the merino makes them smooshy, and the nylon means they'll snap back. I cast on at the ankle on US 2s, worked 2 inches of 2x2 rib, increased to a 2x3x2x2 rib which carried me up the calve to almost the fullest part, then upsized to US 5s for the last 4 inches and bound off. The odd purl count kept them from being true rosary knitting, but they were good for "not really watching what TAO wants to, but TV too loud to read" knitting.

They would have been finished more quickly except for that whole monogamous-knitting-failure thing I have going on.

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