Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sedona Socks

I was originally going to call these my "Going to Sedona" Socks, but I may have to call them "Going to the Birds" instead.

About the Birds: As you can see I am drying this sock by hanging it from a hook in the soffet. The sock in the photo is the 1st sock. The day I hung it out to dry, a juvenile cardinal became enamored of it, and spent almost 2 hours trying to fly up and land on it. Fortunately without success or snagging it.
Today, I hung the 2nd sock out to dry. This time I left a long tail at the toe, I grafted the toe on the needles, and didn't feel like getting out the chibi and weaving in the end. So I just soaked the sock and hung it out. The string was just long enough to blow toward the railing. I see movement out of the window, go look...a chipping sparrow has the end of the yarn in it's beak and is wrestling it for all it's worth. I don't know if he was house building or thought he'd gotten the motherlode of millipedes; but he wasn't going down.

About the Socks: Sedona Socks by Lisa at YenForYarn. In the Sedona colourway by Lisa Souza. In the BFL sock. (it's a really saturated colourway...dyed my hands, my needles, the project bag, and the water) So I'm hoping that means the colours will stay rich and warm. And by jiminy I'm wearing them to Sedona on my vacation!
My mods include: changing the foot to non patterned, knit it on 00s, and to start with 72 stitches for the rib and 2 repeats to accommodate my lushness.


ChelleC said...

That is a beautiful pair of socks. Perfect for your trip. And sounds like the birds loved it too. I bet if Mac were there, he'd be in love!

Kim said...

Love this pattern. Lisa is a dear friend and it has been in my queue forever. Love yours-they nudged me a little closer to cast-on!