Thursday, September 02, 2010


Evidence that TAO is the Awesome one as well as The Adored One-
Last nights text thread:
Me- Make the yarn leave my mind alone (I keep dreaming of making Wendy’s Shetland Pi in Dandelion from KP)
TAO-I cannot
Me- Hot & Crabby- 97 in the apt & the computer is on the fritz f’ing Microsoft upgrades
TAO-That’s why you should buy yarn
Me- I have like a years worth on the needles now though
TAO- With more needles for the new yarn
Me- Satan! Begone foul demon!
TAO- Give into the yarn demon
Me- I cast you on- oh wait that’s knitting- I cast you out!
TAO- Knit unto one, purl unto two. So sayeth the Ravelry
Me- You’re a keeper.

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ChelleC said...

I agree. He IS a keeper. For these and many other examples.