Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Foul Play

Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn - the time is 1978, the place SanFrancisco.
What does this have to do with Knitting? One of those great Movie Lines...

Goldie Hawn plays a librarian (stop chuckling)who becomes involved in a deadly conspiracy. (Okay chuckle). The scene leading to great knitting is thus:

Dark evening, Goldie Hawn comes back to her apartment - you know the same apartment every movie in SanFran is filmed in - and as she comes into the living room...She is Attacked! Much thrashing and wrestling ensues, with the Attacker finally being pierced fatally with a pair of alumininum knitting needles.

Goldie runs to the kitchen (for the whippersnappers out there...phones used to be mounted on the wall in the kitchen-for convenience) calls the police station (pre 911) and gasps "I just killed a man with the needles!" The bored cop replies "Narcotics?" and she says "No, Knitting!"

So, despite a truely poopy week, at least I was not attacked in my living room its a good thing too because I only packed circulars on this trip.

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lill4my said...

We always need easy watching movies for knitting nights at my house! This one is going to make that list JUST for that comment!!!:) (And most of us work in San Francisco so it's like "home" to us:))

So funny!!

Your MDK projects are awesome, I also love the KAL, they have some very nice housy projects!!