Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The complexities of modern living:

I was reading recently where...in 1973... the average American had a list of 72 things they Wanted and on it 18 were neccessary.

Now, today...average American has a list of over 500 things they Wanted and consider 112 of them to be neccessary.

So in the spirit of early morning caffeine deprivation I was pondering my lists. They started simply enough. Remember the list is Stuff - not love, peace, caffeine (oh, is caffeine a thing?). I was actually doing swell until I hit....

YARN! simple four letter word. Yarn, easy enough right? No, there's bulky yarn for fast knits, baby yarn for gifts, soft alpaca yarn for that smouldering off the shoulder sweater, cotton yarn for warshclothes, wool yarn for The Man, sock yarn, shawl yarn....Beginning to see the dilemma? And I'm not even considering COLOURS. Rich vibrant, bright cheerful, deep autumnal, eeek! I am apparently a greedy person because I can't decide which I should live without. Yikes!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I don't think we should think of life without yarn. :-)