Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ball Band Colours

S = sugar n Cream
P = Peaches n Cream

Peppercorn Ombre (P) (Ooodles of it), White (P), Gumdrop (P), Rosewood (S), Softly Taupe (S), Sage Landscape (S), Ivory (S), Ecru (P), Winterberry (P), Cream (S), Fiesta Ombre (P), Potpourri (P), Lemon-Lime (P), Westport (S), Wine (S), Hot Blue (S), Country Sage (S), Cherry Swirl (S), Soft Teal (S), Butter Cream ombre (S), Country Brown ombre (S), Cornflower Blue (S), Jute (S), Beach Ball Blues (S), Key Lime Pie (S), Over the Rainbow (S), Coral Swirl (S), Creamsicle (S),Warm Brown (S), Soft Ecru (S) Painted Desert (S), Midnight Magic (a dark one, and a lighter one) (S)

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Jeri said...

Are these the colors you have?
Oh my goodness!!