Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Epilogue - no knitting here either.

The Car Story…the Adored One read the blog and was offended by the content.  “We are not amused” and it sounded like the Royal We.  

Now, in my defense, I have had limited internet contact and so have not been able to exonerate him.  It all worked out in the end.  Very nicely I might add.

So step back in time with me to a balmy Saturday and a test drive.  Yup, I want this car.  Problem...he does too.  Lots of good reasons why he should have it. AAAGH!  So we go home to martial sorta harmony.  Car lots are closed in Wisconsin on Sundays.  Now he says he wants the car and he doesn’t feel guilty and he’s not backing down.  Okay.  That makes up that decision.  So, now, do I cut into my (yarn) household money and greedily buy a car too?  Or should I be wise and sensible and pinch through with what I have?  

I was NOT sensible and I, like the Adored One don’t feel guilty either.  I decided to go on a serious spending freeze and buy a New Car.  Yes, I know new cars are not good buys they lose value, yadda yadda yadda.  But it’s yummy.  It gets nice mileage for the amount of space involved – 3 rows of seats, drives like a car, hauls like a SUV.  It has in dash navigation, heated seats (perfect for that time of the month), DUAL climate control (Amen), and a sun roof.  Last years model, good price, right amount on the trade-ins.  Downside…it’s silver with a black interior.  The Adored One’s is Pueblo Gold with Pebble interior.  Sigh.  

So I spend 3 days accusing him of being a car thief.  (Have to milk while I can).  Then, the day we’re leaving for vacation he gets up early and switches the cars…Awww.  Because I really like the Gold one.  Isn’t that romantic?  Ironic too since one of the emails I received about the blog suggested that I let him get the car, and then load it early in the morning and drive to NY with it.   Only he’s very sanguine and had worked hard over the weekend to convince me to buy the car I bought, and had talked me into wanting to keep it.    So I told him that I need the cool Platinum color to smooth out my hot Sun energy.  (It was before caffiene)  

So, we both got cars.  And the navigation software is handy for finding (yarn stores) new job sites.  It especially helped during our disastrous vacation.  I do miss my tape deck though.


Jennifer said...

So you did get your car! Yay!

ChelleC said...

Ah! Your husband sounds keeper. That's a good car story. Congrats to both of you on the new cars. I think having a nice vehicle that is a pleasure to drive is probably worth a little cutbacks in the yarn area, right?