Friday, September 08, 2006

No Internet, No Phone, Oh My!

Sorry about the lack of posting, but I find myself without phone or internet until the 15th. Funny how used to having it you get. Just like the microwave, never needed it until you got one.

Will tell y'all a little funny. To make a short story long....people complain about how many small businesses are closing within the first 5 years. Yet, how often have you gone into a yarn or quilt store the size of a 2 car garage and been there more than 20 minutes without anyone acknowledging your presence? How much energy would it take to at least give the chin nod, or a hello? I find that I do not want to spend money in these establishments. After all, as much as we like to say "Yarn is necessary to life" or "Fat Quarters aren't fattening, buy lots", the reality is these are little luxury items. If you are selling a luxury item, you should be nice to people. I have to be nice to people all day, so I expect it from others.

This was vividly demonstrated to me this week. On Wednesday I went into a high end quilt store, browsed for 34 minutes without acknowledgment, finally found something I really wanted, went to the cutting table where the clerk was telling a lady her tale of woe, stood for 8 minutes before the woman looked at me and asked "Did you want something?" I looked at her for a minute, looked at the 2 bolts in my hand, set them down and said "I don't think so." And left.

On Thursday, I went into a lovely little yarn store Alfred Knitting Studio in Alfred Station NY. Was greeted as I came in, asked what was on my needles, and then when the owner decided I was new to the store given the tour (naturals on the south wall, man-made on the north wall, notions to the west). Told when the open knit nights were and invited to come. So naturally I bought a $30 book for full price that I probably could have gotten at Amazon for $20 but I wanted her to succeed. The Universe works that way sometimes.

Hope everyone out there is healthy and well, will post in the future so please check back to find out what happened with the car - even if it isn't knitting news.


Jennifer said...

Niceness goes a long way! I agree. I've refused to go back to some stores because of how customers are treated.

ChelleC said...

What you say about the stores is SO TRUE. Why don't they get that? A little bit of TLC - or at least simple acknowledgment goes a long way toward making a satisfied, and repeat customer.