Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just Sayin'

Admiring my Bunny Hop yarn so much I had to post it's photo again.

A word to open hearted and generous knitters out there...the gift giving season is approaching. Time to start gift knitting. Let me share this parable.......

Once, while in the wilds of Alaska, I decided to knit a sweater for my best friend (best friend that is NOT the Adored One); and chose a long sleeve sweater pattern. Next came yarn, (this was pre-easy internet yarn). So my choices were inexpensive yarn or higher priced yarn. After much pondering I went with the lesser price.

++++++++Camera Angle cuts to the red CLUE phone ringing in the corner.++++

Why the lesser price? Not because I couldn't "afford" the nicer yarn. But, because, my friend is somewhat plebian and honestly wouldn't appreciate $90 in Nice yarn, or even $45 in nice yarn, any more than she would appreciate the $21 I ultimately spent.

++++++++++CLUE phone ringing+++++++++++

The moral is: if they won't appreciate the WORK enough to justify nicer materials, go to TJs or Marshalls and buy them a sweater, save your tendons and Time for yourself or someone (like me or the Adored One or numerous charities) who Will.

Just Sayin'

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