Saturday, October 07, 2006

The knitting jinx has lifted! (don't say that out loud)

I put down the $$#%%** Fair Isle and started a different sweater for the Adored One. It's from Knitpicks Shamrock in Doyle. It's interesting how the colours pooled differently in the rib than the sleeve. I hope it doesn't continue this into the body or I shall be forced to change from Seamless to Seamed. Pbbt!
And for those of you who have seen "Something about Mary" these are SLEEVES not a bra for the old lady.

I'm now up to row 50 of the Feather and Fan. It started with 8 stitches, was 160 at row 30, is currently 258 on row 50. Time to put it down for a while and work on the other WIPs.

The fabulous Lynne from the LYS is having a sock class in November so I plan to treat myself to that class. (Having been classless all these 25+ years.) And I am going to NYC next Saturday, and hope to peek at a couple of stores while touring other major tourist sites. Although, lets face it...Koigu versus the FlatIron Building? Right. Union Square vs the elusive turkey bacon from the 59,000 square foot Whole Foods market? Yeah Right. I make a terrible tourist. Locations of mass death depress me, locations of Architectural Splendor crammed with hordes of hurrying people overwhelm me, my idea of heaven is my back patio on a fine day with the Adored One and the Puppies, a project, a book and a pitcher of Wild Blackberry with Sage Decaf. Sigh. Brigette from work and I plan to return to NYC Dec 2 to see the window displays. The thought of all those people fills me with trepidation. Should be fun anyway.

And how about the Yarn Harlot getting Married?!? Wow! Mazel Tov!

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ChelleC said...

Beautiful work you're doing there! Patience, patience, it's looking great.

The Yarn Harlot getting married - yep - I have to confess, I didn't realize they weren't married already. They make a cute couple.