Sunday, October 29, 2006

Two Aspirin Please

Oy Gevalt! do I have a yarn hangover. I drove to mecca Interlaken NewYork; home of the Schaefer Yarn Company where the gracious and funny Cheryl gave me her time and a tour.

My flabber was gasted. I spent a large chunk of the year 5767 allowance, seen below. The haul includes Esperanza, lambswool and alpaca bulky 3 st/in and Lola superwash which is a bulkier weight sock yarn. (Lola - 5 st/in; Anne - 7-8 st/in)

I would have spent more but was rescued by the fact that Anne is not only my favourite yarn on earth, but also beloved by many other wise people.

And of course, this little skein of Andrea silk will become pattern #283 Andrea Beaded Diamonds Shawl by Catherine Devine.

I was allowed to fondle, squeeze, and yes, smell, to my hearts content. (Picture a cat with catnip). I did excercise enough restraint to refrain from putting a big pile on the floor and rolling in it.

I met the real Danya which was also the name of my best friend in High School.

I previewed the NEW yarn that they are releasing. Martha. It's a light worsted weight with Cashmere. Sigh. Amazing yardage. Don't quote me but I seem to remember 700-720? yards. Yes, enough for a cashmere enhanced Clapotis. Full stole sized and without ends to weave in. In those luscious colourways.

We had a fun conversation about the Memorable Women and how people become attached to the idea of the person rather than the yarn. (Woe unto the person who cancels a favourite). She talked about how they got started, how it's grown, and where they're headed. Absolutely fascinating. Very lucidly expressed. She even shared some dyeing hints and tips, with visual aids. See Piggy in wool and then in Silk, or even in the above photos - the Lola and Anne are the same dyelots but different yarns.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I need to go lie down.


Ginny said...

thanks for commenting on my baby cardigan - I've just checked out your blog, and am loving how you talk/write. I've subscribed, thanks.

Jennifer said...

How much fun did you have! Great haul, and that new yarn sounds fantabulous!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see the new Martha! Sounds delish.


ChelleC said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Beautiful yarn purchases, and worth blowing the yarn budget.