Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spinning wheels, but still going places.

This is my third thing on the wheel. Progress is being made. It started life as the free cream roving that came with my B-E-A-utiful Kromnski Sonata wheel. I hot pour dyed it, split it down for pre-drafting and started treadling. I live with an active fantasy life that involves being able to spin sock yarn, knit socks, wear socks, resist being able to tell people - lookie, socks! Perhaps someday.

I'm actually still trying to figure out what flipped the switch from NO-Spin to Spin. I had the opportunity to go to Rhinebeck and didn't because it was mostly spinning stuff, NO INTEREST IN SPINNING STUFF, to the current obsession with SPINNING STUFF. Weird, eh?


~Sherie~ said...

Your comment on flipping the switch from "who cares about spinning" to being totally comsumed by spinning is exactly how I feel. A few months ago I could have cared less about it, now with one spindle under my belt it's all I want to do! :) Your dyed singles are lovely!!!!

Jennifer said...

OOoooo, a Kromski Sonata... Nice! Ha, you've joined the spinning borg with me! Isn't is great?

Kara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I replied to it there.