Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me.

It's been an interesting few decades. But I must say the last one has been the best. I share my life with the Adored One, and now with the dogs. I've returned to creating (crafts) instead of just getting by (working & worrying). The jagged edges of loss have been buffed off slightly, they're still there but no longer catch on every loose thread. For most of my life I've been the Strong one. Everyone always compliments me on my Strength. Now I think I'll turn a new page, I'd like to be known for being funny, feminine, loving.

Strong and capable is all very well, a nice foundation indeed. When disaster befalls my friends, they know I have loyalty and strength enough. As such, I've heard everyone's stories.

Now I'd like to be invited to the parties, shopping trips, lunches, and BBQs too. I'd like to reach the end of a tube of lipstick before it goes bad. Buy a coral coloured bra/panty set. Figure out what the blazes women are carrying in those handbags. I'd like to roast marshmallows instead of snatching life out of the fire.

This isn't about not achieving. It isn't about giving up. It's not about money, or time, or work. It's about handling all my experiences with love, joy, and ease.

Here's to another great year.


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday, and your plan for the year sounds just perfect to me!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!

ChelleC said...

Happy belated birthday. Ah, I wish you lisved close by to me! You are certainly a sweet woman, and smart and strong and FUNNY. Thanks for letting me know you through your blog. And I'm glad the comments finally got turned back on.