Sunday, December 17, 2006


Traditionally I am a Wallflower. Seems odd to say given that I essentially meet new people for a living, but I've always been more interested in hearing Their story than telling my own. Consequently, as part of the Master Plan, I was considering dropping the blog. After all, I'm blessed with a really boring life. This IS a good thing, the early decades were too exciting. And being a private person I'm not inclined to hang out my laundry, nor would I hang out the laundry of others. And the vast enjoyment I receive from Blogs is in the reading of others.

However, during my morning walk I was struck by the essay on Sticks and String. If you haven't listened to David's podcast you really should subscribe. He's lucid and erudite, yet very human and warm. What I really took away from the essay this week was that it's important to continue to contribute. Even if I go to the party and don't dance, the party is different because I came. And I get something different from the experience if I participate than if I stay home listening to audiobooks. So let me encourage you to come to the party too. If you're not willing to get out there and dance, you are free to sit with me and I'll listen to your story.


Lisa L said...

I love David's Sticks and Strings podcast. I find his voice very relaxing and he really has some great things to say. It's great to have a male knitter's point of view.

Thanks for blogging - I enjoy reading!

Lisa L said...
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ChelleC said...

I love reading your blog. please do keep writing and telling your story. It isn't at ALL boring. Keep dancing - and others will join in, some will watch, and you never know who is admiring your dancing from afar. : )