Monday, May 28, 2007

5 of 52 - snail, turtle, still not quitting.

Finished pair 5, a smooshy pair in Bare. Only I left them the plain vanilla color. This was the yardage left from pair #3. Perhaps I'll dye them, who knows.

They were worked up -accidently- on a multitude of needle sizes using the Crazy Toes and Heels technique. I know that I committed to learning new techniques for 2007, and I am enjoying the process, however it has put a crimp in the Plunge because I spend a lot of time ripping Learning instead of finishing.

On a non-knitting topic: You know how you'll own something along time, and it gradually grows weaker, less efficient, shabbier, whatever? When I went home for vacation I decided The Adored One needed a new microwave. He agreed since this microwave was from 1995 and was grubby and tired. How tired we didn't realise. The Adored One competes in amateur bodybuilding (I know, I know, but I'm not interferring with his MidLife Crisis). This involves a diet (if you do it all naturally) that requires a man of iron to follow. Including 7 hardboiled egg whites with protein oatmeal for breakfast. So I had picked up these groovy microwave egg cookers for him and he had a routine for making them...Fill the cookers, put in nuker for 16 minutes, take shower, get out...eggs ready. Well, that alone was a clue to the effectiveness of the micro - the instructions say 7 minutes for hardboiled and I have used the cooker on the road for 4 minutes for a firm softboiled. Admittedly he was using two cookers at a time. Still.

So he puts the eggs in this morning, thinks *new nuker, less time, hmmn 11 minutes*. Comes back to find that the egg exploded hard enough to blow the top off the cookers and do a pele all over the interior. It's now a really clean appliance. Poor Adored One.

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Jennifer said...

Oh no, egg all over the microwave? Ewww!!!