Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You've worked in Healthcare too long when:

Perhaps it's more than my adrenal glands telling me I'm due for a change. Perhaps I've been in healthcare too long.

I am currently spinning and swatching some dyed roving in order to decide which way looks best (to me). Pictures will follow so y'all can give me some input as well. But that's a different post.

I took my swatch to work to ask one of the new knitters her opinion. And I commented to her that there will be two solids I'm spinning to go with this variegated. One lovely warm cocoa brown and a cheerful blue. And that the dyer must have mis-understood me because when he said "yellow" in the variegated I'm certain I said "No Yellow" or "Only a tiny touch of Yellow." In fact, I recall his reply "The yellow will spark it up". And my response "Yellow doesn't go with my project Idea."

I'm dowdy and let's not do the yellow thing in my lovely subdued blue/brown project.

So my very sweet co-worker (the nice kind of girl who sees good in all people) says:
"Perhaps he didn't think that was yellow, maybe he thought it was Bile colored."

Two things wrong with that right off the bat:
A) How dowdy am I that she thinks I ordered BILE coloured roving? and
B) Bile has a little more grey/green tint to it.

Perhaps I need a broader circle of acquaintances. I have a big birthday in 2009, if I plan now, I can change my field before then. (in my bile coloured sweater)


ChelleC said...

Elysbeth, I truly don't usually laugh out loud this early in the morning - but your story of the "bile" colored roving really did me in. Thanks for giving me something to enjoy this early on another thunderstormy/flooding day here in the Midwest.

You are such a delightful person. I have never been in health care - but I know that after about 20 years of working at nearly every law firm in Kansas City that I'd definitely been in it too long. There wasn't a "bile colored" view of the world - but there was a cynical, depressing litigious atmosphere full of suits and uptight *ssholes that made me so GLAD to change careers. I understand your wanting a change.

Jennifer said...

Ewww! Bile colored? And how exactly would something bile colored spark it up? LOL!